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Sonata Arctica - The Last Amazing Grays (Song)


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Hi, this is the first post in English on this Spanish-spoken blog. Sorry for the mistakes it might have.

This time I want to share with you, readers of my blog, a very good song that I heard some time ago from a Finnish band called Sonata Arctica. It's mainly a power metal band, but they have include gothic and symphonic elements on this song. I like it very much, hope you enjoy it:

As you heard (if you did), the song has a very good start with the guitars and it includes a lot of keyboards and very consistent drums through all the 5:40 minutes long song in my opinion.

The lyrics talk about an hypothetical wolf that is old and almost dying, and sings to the next generation in order to advise and encourage them to lead the wolf pack.

The Amazing Grays is from the band's fifth full-lenght album "The Days of the Grays", wich they released back in 2009.

Sonata Arctica has, at the time this article is being written, 8 studio albums and a lot of EPs, singles and compilations. If you haven't heard of them before, it's a good ocassion to review them, specially if yoy like power/doom/gothic metal, I believe you'll find their music very pleasant.

So, really, if you have some time check them out (in case you haven"t alrady), here are some links wich you can visit:

Information about Sonata Arctica

Lyrics of The last amazing grays

More on iTunes

Please comment and leave any opinion or recomendation, the creator of the blog wil be encouraged to write more posts in English if you do so. Thanks and see you next time ; )


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